When you own rental properties it is common for disputes to arise between the landlord and tenant. Most of these disputes revolve around the lease agreement itself, lack of rental payment, or some problem with maintenance of the property.

No matter what the issue is involved, it is important to consult an attorney quickly. Christopher J. Clark is extremely specific on the proper procedures that MUST be followed in order to prevail in a courtroom.

Attorney Clark has worked successfully with Landlords who are attempting to evict a non-paying tenant, and tenants who have been wronged by a landlord.

Call the office today for a free consultation to see what rights you might have, and how you go about enforcing them.

Business Disputes

Every business needs to know that there is an attorney that understands the issues that can arise from owning a business. Attorney Clark’s background includes running his own business outside of the legal field, which allows him to properly understand a business owner’s issues and worries.

Whether you are a new business or an established one, Attorney Clark can help.

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